Mains Answer Writing Programme

  • Question 1. Though energy is the most important input for an rapidly developing economy like India, public health considerations are no less important.
    In the light of the above statement, discuss briefly the draft National Energy Policy.                                                                                                                                                                                (Ref: 11th August The Hindu, Page 8)

  • Question 2.  All the policies related to improve educational outcomes, must address deprivations in early years of children’s lives. Discuss.                                                                         (Ref: 14th August Indian Express, Page 12)

  • Question 3. There are multiple problems in judiciary whose resolution requires a broader strategy, establishing an All India Judicial Service alone may not be fruitful. Discuss.                          (Ref: 16th August The Hindu, Page 8)

  • Question 4. The black carbon ejected from aeroplanes and reaching stratosphere, may pose a great environment damage. Analyse.                                                                                          (Ref: 16th August The Hindu, Page 11)

  • Question 5. The Code on Wages Bill which proposes to make minimum wage a statutory right for all citizens and aims to take people out of poverty, may prove to be counter-effective. Discuss.            (Ref: 17th August Livemint)