Mr. Rahul Swaroop

History, Polity, Art & Culture

He has a long and rich experience of guiding aspirants for various examinations, conducted by UPSC. He is particularly known for his qualitative class room lectures. All his lectures are meticulously designed by him, which touch every aspect of the examination. His basic approach is to deliver the comprehensive coverage of the subject with optimum utilization of time.


Mr. Ajit Tiwari

Ecology, Environment & Geography

A teacher, guide and a motivator par excellence. All his lectures reflect a large and broad coverage of the topics. He has a rare expertise in making students, understand, memorise and reproduce the content in the Class itself. He uses the most commonly known but less used technique of teaching through Question Answer Approach.Mr. Tiwari has a long experience of teaching his subjects right from basic to Master Degree level. He has complete control over the content.

Mr S. Singh

(World History)

A teacher known for his excellent ability to integrate topics relevantly. A comprehensive yet cogent expression marks his teaching.

Mr B. K. Singh


An alumnus of Delhi School of Economics. An ocean of vast knowledge of economics and Indian economy. He is well known among the students for simplifying the complexities of the subject. His skill for integration of basic economics with recent economic development is exceptional.

Mr N. Nachiketa

(Science & Technology)

He is well known among students for his up to the mark knowledge for science and technology. His coverage of current developments in S&T is exceptionally wonderful.

Mr Achal Khanna

(Essay + CSAT)

He lays bare all the dimensions of topics. He not only connects various dimensions of the topic but also integrates them with the requirements of the exam. His critical reasoning skills have no parallel anywhere.

Mr Ankur Aggarwal

(Social Justice and Society)

A Sociologist, whose hold on the subject is complete. The relevance of his content to the exam is excellent.

Mr Rohit Wazir

(Geography & Disaster Management)

A teacher, uniquely talented with an in-depth knowledge of his subjects.

Mr Abhijeet Dutta


An expert of mathematics and numbers. His question solving tricks make it easier to solve the CSAT questions, even for the students from humanities and arts background.

Mr Naman

(Current Affairs)

A young teacher with complete hold on current development/affairs, newspapers and magazines. His newspaper analysis classes not only minimize the effort but also make it easier to approach the newspaper in a focused way.


Team Ethics

The subject requires multi-dimensional approach. It is fairly improbable for a single individual to do justice with the subject. Here, the Team Ethics is led by a Senior Faculty, having a vast experience 25 years and a multitude of UPSC selections to his credit.